The Adullam skills centre

Adullam Has a spacious first class modern Skills centre equipped with 20 High quality PFAFF sewing Machines , children have access to sewing lessons every day. Children from Primary five to seven attend skills training through sewing . 

Since Mid 2017, The children are able to do great things out of the centre ; many children can now make beautiful stuff including

  1. traditional wear from Kitenge Fabrics 
  2. School Uniforms  among others 
  3. Hand made bracelets 




The skills center is another huge project realised by Cunina in May 2017 and its already producing great results .

Apart from the 4 academic subjects taught in Uganda, there are other vocational subjects/skills that Adullam Model Primary School teaches the children in order to prepare them for the future. These are:

Art and Crafts
The teachers harness the local environment and use the available materials to engage the children in basketry, making ornaments like necklaces, modelling, drawing, painting and many more

Sewing involves needle work where learners use their hands and sewing machines to draft different patterns depending on what item is to be made. They learn to make dresses, aprons, skirts, petty coats, sweaters and many others.

Apart from sewing or mending their clothes, they gain knowledge of how to be self reliant.

These skills prepare children to future entrepreneurs as they are income generating skills.